Gerikhet (The place above clouds) is a small village located at a trek distance of 6 km from Nainital.


Tourist Spots : Gerikhet

  • Location:: Nainital, Uttrakhand (5 km from Nainital)
  • Climate:: Summer: : 11oC to 20oC Winter: 2oC to 0oC
  • Ideal duration to stay:: 1 to 2 days
  • Nearest airport:: Pantnagar (76 km)
  • Nearest railways:: Kathgodam (42 km)

Gerikhet is a small village located at a trek distance of 6 km from nainital. It is located at an altitude of 2099 m above the sea level in the Nainital district of uttarakhand. It is a final destination for a passenger who yearns for adventures trekking. The passage of the trek is through the voluminous forest of pine, oak and deodar tress. The place is famous for its magical view of clouds (actually its pure white fog) which make you feel like you are above the clouds


A pleasant and salubrious weather during Summer, temp range: 11oC to 20oC and winters are cold in, temp range: 2oC to 10oC. The best time to visit gerikhat is March to June and September to November. Heavy snowfall during December and January.

Places To See

  • The gerikhet village
  • Sikharparvat
  • Lambokhade( for camping)
  • Kilburypangoot
  • Nainital
  • Khurpatal

Where to stay

There are few cottage and guest houses built by local where you can stay. Else the place is perfect for camping in lambokhade.

Why to choose Trekkingin Gerikhet

  • To have an excited experience while doing some adventure enjoying pleasant climate and love of nature.
  • A perfect place for photography.
  • The weather always take spin in its mood sometimes you feel warmth of yellow rays of sun, the other time you feel you are walking in the clouds.
  • Trained guide to take you throughout the route .
  • Trek duration ranges from 1 hour to 1.5 hour.
  • Camping can be done in the green field of lambokhadeof geriket.
  • Others outdoor activities forest ride, bird watching, rock climbing etc.

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How to reach Gerikhet

To reach gerikhet one has to trek a minimum distance of 4 km from nainital polytechnic college. You can reachnainital first, which is connected well with national highways.
Nearest railway station: Kathgodam, Nearest airport: Pantnaga.

Route to follow::

Delhi » Ghaziabad » Gajrola » Moradabad » Rampur » Rudrapur » Haldwani » Kathgodam » Nainital » Gerikhaet

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