5 Essential tips while Doing Kayaking in Bhimtal

5 Essential tips while Doing Kayaking in Bhimtal

Bhimtal is the eminent destination for its scenery and panoramic views. Tourists across the globe are attracted towards this round the year. It is known for its majestic tapu on the bhimtal lake and its others sisters like Sattal and Naukuchiatal. There are seven lakes in Sattal and the attractive aerial view of naukuchiatal. But nowadays it is also known for adventures activities and various sport. Along with trekking hiking, mountaineering and boating what tops the list is kayaking and paragliding.

Kayaking : waddling across the river

From the past 10 years, this sport is everyones favorite. You can easily enjoy this sport in Sattal. There are several service provider from where you can perform this activity.

These 5 tips can help you while doing this activity:

  • Kayak in the morning: Always book your spot in the morning session where you can enjoy the kayaking hassle free, as people start coming and there is lot of congestion in and around the lake.
  • Awareness while training: Listen what your kayak trainer is suggesting you. Always be alert while kayaking.

  • Dress for the water: Regardless of whether it’s a cold near-winter morning or a hot mid-summer afternoon, if you’d normally wear a wetsuit in those waters, wear one kayaking, a well-fitting swimsuit will suffice. Always carry an extra pair of clothing along with you.
  • Always watch out for your expensive gadget: Thing that can ruin your kayaking adventure more than coming back to find your expensive smartphone is now water damaged. While press-and-seal storage container will work just fine for your food and wallet, we’d recommend investing in something sturdy to store your electronics and clothing.
  • Learn rapid safety measures: touch-up on rapid safety practices, a quick flip of your kayak can suddenly put you in a life-or-death situation. And every decision counts
Kayaking : waddling across the water

We value our customer the most. Hope you will find this article useful. Also one request “keep the garbage in the dustbin, don’t pollute the environment, and if you are coming to celebrate something plant one tree with your name.

Top 10 Popular Destinations For Camping in India

Ready for Camping

nainital camping uttarakhand

From hills and mountains to forests there are many places to camp up in India. Some of the best camping destinations are given below


In dehradoon district of uttarakhand there is a small beautiful place rishikesh. It is famous for spirituality bliss as it is so serene and peaceful.
Camping is really a good idea for this place.


A picturesque landscape which is located on the foothills of himalayas of jammu and kashmir is recommended for camping lovers.

Spiti valley

In himanchalpradesh it is a valley surrounded by cold mountains always welcomes you for camping in the month of may and june.


A small town of desert in rajasthan where one can find out vintage forts, lakes and a camping destination for sure.


The banks of the Zanskar River ,Tsomoriri Lake and Sangla Valley are some of the best places in Ladakh to enjoy a camping night.


SilleryGaon in West Bengal at an altitude of 1828 meters and the panoramic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga are the best combo for camping.


The queen of hills mussoorie is really a queen for camping destinations. It is 1880 meters elevated and suits best for camping in april and may.

camping uttarakhand nainital

Although if you want to make your camping memorable you just make some checklist before the outing like

Keep camping essentials ready.

backpack the camping items like first-aid kit, maps, insect repellent and emergency equipment.

Keep a detailed copy of your travel plans, so friends or family can follow-up with you to ensure you get home on time.

Never leave food of any kind in your tent or in clothes in your tent. Animals can smell it and it can be a trouble.

Don’t wear jewellery or expensive ornaments during camping.

Always plan clothes according to the campsite place so that it will be comfortable.

So be ready for camping. Go with the flow.

Adventure Sports Activities in Uttarakhand

time for a new adventure in uttarakhand nainital

Uttarakhand is a place with serene beauty of mountains, waterfalls, grasslands, lakes, holy pilgrimage and valley of flowers.

“As mountains are high and low, visit uttarakhand to make excitement high and to make stress low” ~~Anonymous


Uttarakhand is famous for its Adventure sports activities like aerial ropeway, bungee jumping, Paragliding, mountaineering, water rafting, kayaking, skiing and hiking.

Now a days the most popular adventure sport in Uttarakhand is paragliding.

“You can fly in the blue blue sky “

Paragliding is one of the sensational, thrilling and refreshing adventure sport.

It is more close to nature as one can feel the air, capture the extreme beauty of nature from highest point, can talk with winds, can listen to rythmic music of the blowing air, feel refresh, interact with another world of flaunting nature which  bring peace in mind. After the feel of paragliding venture one can recall all the experiences for the happiest peace right here in the memory lane.


If you can travel via airplane then you can also travel via air with paragliding.
Paragliding is one of its own kind easy and simple activity. Anyone above 18 year of age can do it.